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Lives: Wadebridge


Main Classic Ford(s): Capri 280 (Brooklands), 1984 Capri 2.8 Injection - Glacier Blue over Caspian &  1981 Capri 1.6 Calypso - Graphite grey over silver.


Any Modifications: 280 & 2.8 injection – Standard, Calypso – chrome wheels and wing mirrors

Other Capris: None – I use a different car each year though

When Bought: 280 – Oct 2003, 2.8 injection – Oct 2002, Calypso – 1983


Other Capris Owned Historically: Mk I (J reg) Pale Blue 1600 XL, 1987 White 2.0 Laser


Other Classic Fords Owned Historically: Anglia, MkI Escort


Why Ford Capris: I’ve always liked them, I had one when they came out and the blokes were afraid of me and the women loved me!!!

Duchy Ford Club Member Since: 2002

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