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Lives: Redruth

Main Classic Ford: Yellow Capri Mk 3 2.0 S

Any Modifications: Twin Exhausts, KONI Racer alloys, 2.8 Struts & Rear springs, Full engine rebuild, 3.0 Carb – has been fully restored.


Other Classic Fords: Silver Mk 3 Ford Cortina (restoration project).


When Bought: Yellow 2.0S – June 1999.


Other Capris Owned Historically: White 2.8 Injection Special, Crystal Green 2.0 GL, Black 2.0 LS, Black 2.0 S, Silver 2.8 Injection, Silver 1.6ish Laser.


Other Classic Fords Owned Historically: Various Mk I / Mk II Escorts, then onto the Capris (and now a Cortina!)


Why Classic Fords: One came in to the garage where I work to be scrapped and I thought then that “That’s the car to have!”


Duchy Ford Club Member Since: Founded the club with Mark Roberts in 1999

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