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Classic Ford Show - 10th & 11th June 2006

Written by: Mark Roberts

SATURDAY 10th June

We all met up at the layby opposite Kessels for 0730hrs. A total of 5 Capris, A Ford Mondeo and a Vauxhall Zafira made their way up the A30/M5 to our first stop at Taunton Services. After a brief stop, we soldiered on but Sabrina had an overheating problem on the M4. We pulled in to do some running repairs, aided by a very nice AA man! Steve, Tony, Martin and Will (in the Vauxhall) had already gone ahead hoping to put up the tent and although they arrived 2 hours ahead of us, I had the tickets so they couldn't get in! We got going again, with Sabrina, then left her and George as they were staying with friends. After a 'slight' detour at Silverstone, we finally got to Santa Pod and set up camp. Later on, Nigel, Paul and girlfriend from Exeter turned up with 2 more Capris. The evening was spent looking at cars, auto jumble and a few beers.

SUNDAY 11th June

We were up early and met Sabrina and George on our stand just after 0700hrs. All the cars were neatly parked and the club kit was put up. By now the sun was out and a load more cars were turning up. After a good old 'english', the day was spent equally between the drag strip, the auto jumble and the cars on show.

During a visit to the Classic Ford Feature Cars, I bumped into Marc Stretton for a chat and he said he really liked our website. We saw some great cars go down the strip; the Harris Escorts, Capris and the awesome Mk 3 Cortina but the highlight of the day had to be the 2 runs by Fireforce 3. Unfortunately, it was soon time to pack the cars and ready for the off. We left at around 1730hrs and came back a different route via the M6, led by Paul, our newest member.

Best show of the year - can't wait for 2007.

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