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Cornwall RS Owners - Sunday 20th June 2016 at Little Bodieve Holiday Park

We had 10 cars for this one, which was a great turnout considering the weather - very wet and very unusual at this show which is normally dry. We spent the first couple of hours stood under the gazebo, but around mid day the rain had eased so we had a walk around.

There were some great cars on display in the concours section, one RS Fiesta had 4 people trying to dry it and keep the rain off. One car that really stood out though was Sierra RS 500, it was so clean it had to been tailored, but no the owner had driven in the rain over 300 miles and spent the previous day cleaning. It was stunning, so clean and a credit to the owner.

This year to boost numbers non Ford Club’s were in attendance including the Subaru Club, BMW Club and Jap Club all a bit modern really. It was great to catch up with Ford owners, some that were at our show, for a chat. As in previous years we really enjoyed the day and it was soon time for the Trophies and the Raffle.

Last year we won best non RS Club, but to be fair due to the weather we didn’t make much of an effort this year and best Club went to the Jap Club.

A big thank you to Mike and all at Cornwall RS for a great day.

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