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Cornwall RS Show - Sunday 25th June 2006

Held at the Football Club at Bodmin.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Gary S, Dave and Tris met initially at Chiverton Cross services at an ungodly 0830hrs. We set off and met with Nigel W at Carland Cross and arrived at the Football Grounds at Bodmin at 0900, where we met up with Neil and Paul. We set our stand up and made the most of the few hours of sunshine - just before it clouded over. We enjoyed watching everyone else polishing their cars and felt slightly guilty that we weren't doing the same! Judging came and went and approaching 1500hrs, we packed up ready to leave (Well, it was an England Match in the World Cup that afternoon!) As we were leaving the grounds, Mark was stopped and told that we had won the "Best Stand of the Day!" Everyone was ecstatic! A perfect end to a great day.

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