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Jeremy’s Wedding Adventure - 11th August 2018

I got asked for my Capri to be a wedding car by the grooms sister as a surprise for her brother, as he’s always wanted a Capri but have never managed to own one yet, so I jumped at the chance, plus this being my first ever wedding as a chauffeur.

The wedding was on Saturday 11th August 2018 in St Austell registry office & pick up was St Columb Indian Queen.

Leading up to the big day I was full of excitement. On the Friday took half day off work and spend 6 & a half hours cleaning the Capri... so was gleaming.

Saturday morning came and the excitement soon turned to nerves and I started to worry about the normal classic Ford owner worries... "will she start?" "don't overheat" etc. ha-ha!

I picked the sister & the photographer up first and went over to the brothers house, dropping them off around the corner to get into position ready & on their signal pulled up outside with my airhorns playing. His face was a picture, he loved it.

We got to the church on time with no problems, on the journey among all the conversations, I asked "what did you first think when you heard the airhorns & came outside?" he replied with "there's a fish & chip van down the road with the exact same tune of airhorn & wanted to know what was going on!" So... ok it wasn't the exact impression I was trying for, but it worked either way, ha-ha!

Jeremy Erscott

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