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Lancaster Classic Car Show @ the NEC Birmingham - Friday 11th November 2022

A very early start (3.00am) as members Glen, Mark, Matt and Glen’s friend Harry made their way to the NEC.

With well over half the journey done, we made a welcomed stop for breakfast. Once on the road again, we were soon at the NEC. We had never been on the Friday before and were told it was the quieter day, but we found it just as busy, although we did grab a few bargains.

This year there seemed to be even more Fords with a complete hall just for the Blue Oval (fantastic!). We had never seen so many Escorts, they were everywhere - especially MK1’s.

Once in the Auction there were a number of Capri’s for sale, with a 3000-mile 2.8 Special that sold for £58,000 and a barn find 280 Brooklands that went for £21,375, a car that Glen was keen on. Top selling Capri was a very rare 1982 Zakspeed Capri RS2800 T £64,687.

Other Fords of interest sold were a 1988 RS200 (£292,500) and a 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (£132,750). More results are at Silverstone Auctions.

Again, we came away thinking how crazy prices are becoming now and that we need to refresh our own Classic Ford values.

To sum up an Amazing Show, but a little too big for one day, so next year it’s back to a 2 day visit.

Written by: Mark Roberts

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