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Mount Edgcumbe Country Fair and Classic Car Show - Sunday 3rd August 2014

Written by: Julie Roberts

A beautiful start to a lovely day. I travelled up to Mount Edgcumbe with Mark, Steve and John, meeting Carl and Sally at Chiverton.

We were joined by a Mk 4 Escort, whose owner- Dave James is friends with Carl, he also brought his family along (hopefully he may join our club). We arrived at the show about 10.45 and were amazed with the mount of cars already parked.

As always there were lots of stalls and even Eddy Irvine's F1 car (2005) was on display.

There were plenty of Classic Fords on display from the early 1930's to the Ford Cosworths of the 1990's both standard and modified. We had 4 cars on our Stand 2 Capri's, a Granada Console and a Mk4 Escort

It was good to see that the local radio station – Radio Cornwall, came to the show, fronted by Laurence Reed. Unfortunately we didn't get to chat to him (we will make up for that at West of England!)

The view was as always fantastic, from the Mount Edgcumbe park right across to Plymouth and on a day like today wonderful.

Due to the number of cars we decided to pack up early as we didn't want to get snarled up with the traffic; however it was quite bad in the neighbouring villages. In Crafthole the villagers had a sign saying "Honk your Horn" so that’s what we did – only to get a great cheer from a small group of people, which was great.

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