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Proper Cornish Cruisers Cruisin Weekend - May 16th - 18th 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts

Club member Tony and his partner Julie camped for the weekend.

Great weather for this one as we (Mark, Julie, John and Vince) joined our friends at Proper Cornish Cruisers for their Sunday run.

This year we left Magor farm and headed off to St Ives through the coast road, which was a nice change from the Hayle by-pass. When we arrived at St Ives we were astonished to find that the town was crowded and virtually all of them turned to watch the possession of cars! All we could hear from where we were in the line was "Oh look, a Capri!" which was good to hear.

Once we completed to tour around St Ives we proceeded towards Marazion, once there we parked in a long line of cars, about 25 in all! It was lovely to be included and was told that there would be a panoramic photograph taken. We were parked opposite the Mount on the beach car park, having done so went for a cup of tea. We drank our drinks whereas John decided to bathe in his coffee! Spilling it on his club shirt! Ha! Ha!

We were very lucky with the weather and all in all, a good day out.

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