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The Cornish Steam & Country Fair (West of England) - 15th - 17th August 2014

Written by: Mark Roberts


Members Mark, John, Winston, Bernie, Carl and Craig met up at 7.00pm to set up our Club Stand. Not a major success as we forgot the sides and pins for the gazebo and the flag for the flag pole! Never mind, at least the weather was good and we were all looking forward to a great weekend.


Due to work commitments we unfortunately just had 3 cars on our Stand. Mark's Capri 2.8 Special, Bernie's Capri 3.0S and John's Capri 2.0 Ghia. The day was generally quiet which, in one way was great as we took the opportunity look around for any bargains. On Friday evening Mark and Steve travelled back to meet Josh and to collect Steve's Capri 2.0S. While at home Mark picked his Capri Mk1, then travelled back to the ground with Lewis.


The weather forecast before indicated that Saturday would be dry and sunny and we weren't disappointed. The Car section soon filled up, and we were joined by Winston, Carl & Sally, Josh, Craig & Sabrina and Kevin - total of 10 cars on our stand. We had a lot of interest in our cars throughout the day and possibly a couple of new members. There was something for everyone – Commercials, Motorbikes, Tractors, many Stalls, heavy horses plus much more.

Saturday evening Mark, Steve and Lewis camped and went down to the beer tent to watch Johnny Cowling – he did more singing this year not quite so funny. Also there were no Fairground rides – slightly disappointing.


We were relieved to wake up and find our gazebo was still standing after a very rough night, some of the traders weren't so lucky. We were joined today by Will, Pete, Robert & Linda – a total of 6 cars on our stand. The weather was a bit hit and miss but this didn't deter anyone and the show was very busy again. Mark and Pete decided to join in with the Parade lap and instead of mugs this year we all had a key ring. It was soon time to pack up the Stand – Another year over already!!

Can’t wait till next year – A big Thank you to Car Secretary Jason Goss.

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