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The Lancaster Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham 13th – 15th November 2015

Saturday 14th November

An early start for this one – 5.00am (this seems to be the case every time we head out of Cornwall) but being Classic Ford fans it’s well worth it. We arrived at the NEC mid morning (Mark, Steve, John, Dave and Dave’s Uncle Mick) and made a beeline to the auto jumble. Prices were high; John found Rear lights for my Capri Mk1 - £400 crazy, but there was the odd bargain. We then made our way to the Ford section where there were some stunning cars including a mint Tickford Capri and an equally tidy Capri Perana V8. Despite the massive crowds, by the end of Saturday we managed to see everything apart from Hall 1. Saturday Evening - After a good feast, we found the local Wetherspoons for one or two beverages and some local entertainment.

Sunday 15th November

After full English, we checked out the rest of the show, with some very competitive quotes from Footman James, we then headed to the American section to feast over some muscle cars. We loved the Mustang Club with their models from throughout the years. It soon got very busy again, so we headed off to the Silverstone Auction. There was a number of Fords up for auction but no one was expecting the prices that they made. The following prices include 12% auctioneers fee’s – Ford Escort RS Turbo S1 £60,188 – Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 £50,625 – Ford Capri 3.0S £23,625 – Ford Capri RS3100 £48,375 – Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 £90,000. There was a buzzing atmosphere when the Escort RS Turbo was sold, the previous record was £25,000.Classic Fords are now out selling more Prestigious cars like Mercedes, Porsches and some Ferrari’s/Jaguars. It was soon time to head home, Wow what a fantastic show – can’t wait for next year.

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