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The Trip Down to the Start Line at Caba Da Roca - In aid of MacMillan Cancer Support

April 2013

Written by: Bernie and Liz Bagley

Hi all

So far so good, travelled from Santander through Potes and across the Pico’s. First stop at Leon in a huge ex Monastery!! We are in a convoy of seven, MGB x2 Merc, Porsche, E type, Stag and us tomorrow we pick up another 4 and will head further south to warmer climes. The roads are as always empty and nearly rut free. Been up in the snow line of which there is still about a foot but again the roads are clear and dry. Mr S is behaving extremely well.

Hi again

Having great issues with computer not downloading photos will try and sort it soon, today we drove from Leon to Ciudad Rodrigo approx 190 miles, wall to wall sunshine and again brilliant roads had a 2.5 lunch stop just out side Fermeselle (Brian Knows where) the convoy only is 8 strong and we lost the Frog eye to tyre issues, our tour leader (nick) in the E type has done a great job keeping us all together!!!! And the good news is he can not shake Mr S off his tail, can't tell you the speeds that we hit again the roads are fantastic and so quiet. The only thing I don’t understand is in a coupe how you get sunburn!!!

Tomorrow we enter Portugal but it is only a 150 mile run so I expect the lunch stop to be 3hrs

Another great day behind the wheel

only 7 cars toured to Crato in Portugal. we had two issues the 911 Porsche stuffed its starter motor and the Pagonda sliced through its main radiator hose with the alternator, the Porsche can be bumped started but it was all grist to the mill to repair, this was done in an hour with all of us helping with the spares we carried.

wall to wall sunshine again but this time only an hour for lunch, 220 miles covered and another fantastic hotel, half Monastery and half rector hotel, very swish and tidy, some are in the pool the others in the Bar!!! the roads are still empty and a joy to hurtle along tomorrow we head to the start hotel near the cape only 150 miles, hopefully meet up with some of the others and swap the stories of getting there, its hot sunny and there is a G&T on the bar so speak later

Hi All

Arrived at Lisbon hot bothered and very tired a normal 180 run was expanded by our team leader and this time it was our time break down! In the middle of a small Portuguese village trying to drive through streets just wider than the car we met a 90 degree bend on a 45degree hill on cobbles!!! So the Merc made it but we sat there and spun the wheels! With an extremely over heated engine and transmission (sorry did I not say it was bloody hot) the engine died and stuck we were. The cavalry returned in the form of the stag to pull us to level ground and shade, fuel evaporation was the issue so after a quick blow through and a suck of the pipes Mr S roared into life and off we all went

Good fun this classic car stuff!!!!

Off to lunch now

The Return Trip - Cabo Du Roca to Cape Cornwall - In aid of MacMillan Cancer Support

Day 1: We are off Not the best start to a rally 30kt winds blowing sand off the beaches, sand blasting the cars still the brave who started with top down soon put them up!! bright skies and full on sunshine was slightly kerbed by the wind but we were snug in the warm cockpit of Mr S. completely cocked up the first clue and missed the name on the arch due to some erratic driving by a Portuguese driver who was extremely erratic on the cobbles! Then the route was barred due to the Portuguese rally and roads were closed and complete disarray as 40 cars all decided to go in different directions trying to make the plan fit. We were the first back to the hotel but will have a few penalties to pay. 2 hours on and we still await most of the cast. Mr S is Brilliant no issues, no overheats but a gentle drip feed of oil is the norm. I dare say there will be a steward’s enquiry tonight so will see what happens.

All good fun with the usual banter, will tell you more when I see you about the group of girls in the forest section!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2: Hi All A blinder of a day today 280miles of great roads and a time trail, we woke to a Frost but blue clear skies and sunshine, cold but just the thing for a coupe, shorts and t shirt the others thermal coats hats gloves, we did have the hater on to warm our feet!! Not sure where we went but as usual the roads were quiet and good, all clues were found and navigation perfect! The time trail was held in the mountains in an area of outstanding beauty, did not see much as Liz misread the time slots and kept telling me to speed up!!! She noticed the error on the second half, mind you we all know how lively a 3.0s is on the back end on gravel and hair pins (well Liz does now) we believe we were inside the time limit, another one tomorrow! We are now north of Porto in yet another Monastery overlooking the sea at Monte De Sta Luzia, rather nice.

Mr S is very well using a drop of oil but not smoking. The dinner gong has just gone so hopefully more tomorrow.

Day 3 and 4: Hi all Sorry for being a bit quiet, we have just had 2 really long days on the road; the first one planned yesterday was not!! Eleven hours driving!! We left Portugal and drove yet another mountain pass again stunning views and quiet winding roads, and guess what we all stayed in yet another monastery which was perched on the side of yet another mountain. But had the most fantastic meal, Mr S behaved well and we even managed to keep to the average speed for the speed test and we were very happy until we found we were on the wrong road!!!!! Still most of the others cocked it up too. Not sure off our standing, but we don't think a cup has our name on it.

Yesterday we set off in good form until got to the Sierra de la Cabrera we climbed to the top to meet 6 inches of snow which was drifting and all became impassable! Mr S was not built for snow!!!! About twenty of us had to turn around, push, dig out and then slither back down trying to avoid the others still trying to get up. Complete bedlam!!!! At the bottom a 100mile reroute was in order.

The brakes boiled on way down and 60 miles from finish the brakes went completely. On inspection the right disc had loosened from the hub and allowed the calliper to move about. This was fixed and on we went. The Picos was foul 12 inches of snow and the only rest bite was the tunnels.

Day 5:

Today we head back to the ferry after a planned lunch stop and depart at 2115 for the passage home

Day 6:

Nearly back to Blighty, we dock at about 16.30 then drive the Yelverton Manor.

The drive up through Spain, was not pleasant solid rain and Heavy snow across the Picos, the last day we headed for Fuente de for a planned Lunch stop, we how ever decided to give the planned route a miss of which went over some high passes which were no more than tracks which we had been told were snow covered! In stead we headed straight for lunch with quite a few others. Mr S is fine but with only half the tread on the front wheel aqua planning was of the order and on the bendy road up to the Parador we had the tail slithering out on the hair pins good fun but Liz went very quiet a few times. Tomorrow is the final day and after winding over the Moors we end up at the Wadebridge show ground for more skills and then on to Cape Cornwall we have already covered nearly 2000 miles with a few hundred more to complete. 3 cars have retired and one left in Portugal, another the Bentley is running again and limped to Santander just in time for the Ferry departure.

Looking forward to Cape Cornwall and a pint in the Green Bank!

Day 7: off the Ferry and straight into rush hour traffic!

38 cars all trying to follow the one in front as road works blocked our prearranged route card, eventually got to Tavistock and found the Hotel, the sun shone and it was nice to be on home soil again, The Bentley was still having issues but was still there.

The next day we set of in our age order and the route took into the Moors and a Tulip stage for what ever reason most had difficulties with it but we picked every junction and jumped into the top 5 cars as we entered Wadebridge show ground for 3 skill tests all timed, Shaky start but sped up on the second two, a little drifting and sharp corners to wear even more tyre rubber! Then on to Newquay for the planned coffee stop, then to Blue hills with the last check point and hill start! with blue smoke pouring from the rear Mr S launch up the hill much to the delight of cameras clicking, we have a great shot, real Bodie and Doyle stuff, Ian's Stag unfortunately blew his Diff a few cars back on the same hill start. We then followed the route to Cape Cornwall and the finish nearly 2300 miles after leaving, last night we all stayed at the Green Bank in Falmouth and enjoyed the Gala dinner and a good night’s sleep. during this week we raised over £82000 and brought the total to way over £530,000 for the 10years of Cape to Capes, so a huge big thank you to all that helped us achieve this amount for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Mr S will now have a little clean and rest and park up next to Mr Jensen for a couple of weeks Oh and some new tyres! A great drive, a great result and for a Ford, a Marvellous Iconic car the Capri 3.0S

Thanks again Bernie and Liz

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