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Cornwall RS Show@ Little Bodieve Campsite Wadebridge - Sunday 4th July 2021

Sunday morning dawned very wet and normally I probably wouldn't have taken my Capri out, but as this was the 1st show that many of us have attended since September 2019, nothing was going to stop us!

So it was up to Chiverton Services where I met Paul, Nick, Mark C, and Glen.

On route to Wadebridge, Adrian and Clint joined our convoy to make 7 cars.

As we drove on site, Rob, Gary and Ross were already there, then Rhys, Kelvin and Ray joined us later to make an impressive 13 cars.

There were some great cars on display, we loved the green Mk1 Escort in the concourse area and there was a very tidy Mk1 facelift Capri.

Late morning the rain stopped and we spent a pleasant afternoon, and to our great surprise we won Best Non RS Club.

Many thanks to Sabrina and all at Cornwall RS Club for a great day.

Written by: Mark Roberts

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