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Duchy Capri Club Season Finale Car Run - Sunday 30th September 2007

The weather was pretty good for the final run of the season for the club.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

About half of us met at Chiverton services as usual but at a fairly leisurely 1100hrs. The pub, the Harvest Moon at Looe had double booked on the day and couldn't fit us in to eat until 1430hrs.

So, we cruised over to the main meeting point in the car park at the Kingsley Village at Fraddon for about 1130hrs.

After chatting for a while, we grouped and went on our way towards Looe, via a pretty scenic route.

We arrive in Looe safely and took residence in the main large car park (which was a pay and display - which everybody b*ll*cked Tris about) and meandered over to the pub, where everybody had a good, if not well overdue lunch.

After which, the club left Looe via a different route and unfortunately got split up on the way back.

One good thing was that Tris's mum, driving back from Liskeard on that day, did comment that she saw 3 lovely looking Capris on the A30, red blue and grey, which we ascertained to be Del, Gary and Trevor.

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