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Powderham 2013

13th & 14th July 2013

Written by: Sabrina Tankard

So that's Powderham over for another year.

It all started for some of us early hours of Friday morning. Members Mark, Steve, Craig, Tony, Luke and Sabrina (me) set off from Starbucks car park at 0630. That's after I had gone down to pick up Steve and his Capri. I was in flying command of the yellow 2.0S this weekend....god I love that car!!

So we leave Starbucks and head straight for MacDonalds for breakfast.....carry on like this and it's gonna be a very long journey. Just as well we set off early for this 2 hour drive to the next county. I had also forgotten just how heavy Capri steering is. I've been spoiled with my modern car.

We set off, properly this time and got to Powderham at 0900.

Found a space in the camping field and set up our tents and gazebo. Weather is hot and getting hotter. We were joined later by Carl and Aaron and the drinking had already begun. Then Pete and his girlfriend Jodie joined us in the evening.

Saturdays Show we were joined by Vince in his Corsair. We had 6 cars on the stand. Some amazing looking cars there. At a show like this there are also Trucks, Steam Traction Engines, Bikes and Tractors. Many stalls too. The majority of vehicles would join the show on the Sunday.

Saturday evening was great (for me) as some of the lads from oldskoolford joined us for camping in their Escorts.....which they gave me the keys to and told me to fill my boots. OMG they are amazing but the Mk2 would've got me into trouble had I have not given it back......but I couldn't help but get the 40s barking and end rude not too. The blue Mk1 was once owned by my little brother, but not in that condition....she was quite sorry when he had her.

Vince left us again Saturday evening but we would joined by Pete in his 2.9 Cossie powered 280 on Sunday. But it would also prove to be a very hot day and we struggled to walk around for fear of dehydrating. We did have the Torbay Express go by on the mainline headed up by a GWR Castle Class Loco, so a few of us went to see her pass. Then we ventured around the show more. The amount of vehicles on display had risen and the standard of those were amazing. A stunning looking Mk1 Escort Twincam caught my eye personally. We decided to set off at 1600 as we wanted to get out early in case of traffic and heat was still blaring down.

We have all suffered from red bits this weekend....some are more red than others but at least we used the suncream this year.

Roll on next year......but it needs to be a little cooler, not too much though.

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