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Season Finale Run, Sunday 27th September 2009

Written by: Sabrina Tankard

On Sunday 27th September, George, Tony H, Mark, Steve, Winston, Paul, Anthony, Tris & Sam, John, Carl and myself (Sabrina) met at Chiverton roundabout for the start of the run.

Steve asked me if I wanted to drive his yellow Capri.......mmmmm it was a toughie but after 5 years of nagging him for "a go" I thought it only right that I snatch the keys off him (in case he changed his mind).

We left at about 10am and drove to Carland Cross roundabout where Steve wanted to fill the Capri and we also met Nigel in his Mk1 Cortina. Winston had had troubles with his Capri dropping water at Chiverton so took it home and met with us again en route at Tresillian in the flying Mondeo.

We all drove down to St Anthonys Head with Tris following on behind in the Puma armed with a camera, God only knows what he got on the lens if he was following George with his petrol/diesel mix going through the system.

I'm guessing it would be cloudy, maybe even a bit oily. [You weren't wrong! - Ed.]

We arrived at the National Trust car park Steve went and called on the previous owners of his Capri. Tris was doing some rather strange things in some bushes and the rest of us were playing musical cars. The Capris all parked together whereas the other Fords... Tony's Mk1 Escort and Nigel's Mk1 Cortina were parked on the end, just past the nasty Vauxhall Omega.

Once we'd all had our pretty piccies taken, or the cars pretty piccies I should say, we drove to the King Harry Ferry. The entry on and off the Ferry was fine for some of us, although Tony managed to bend his front panel...ooops. He wasn't a very happy bunny after that (I didn't think it was even that bad).

Once off the ferry, swinging wide around the corner and off towards dry land, we were on our way to the Punchbowl and Ladle pub for lunch. They had very kindly kept a large space available in the car park for us all.

The meal was very good, although they had some troubles with getting the right desserts to the right tables. Jan met us all here, as she had bypassed the run via Matalan. Some of the group left us at the pub and the others made their own ways shortly after.

I was kind enough to drive Steve's Capri back to his garage. Where Tony picked me up and I got to drive his Escort home, so a good day had by me then.

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