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Henry Matthews & Friends Annual Rally 2009 - 19th & 20th September 2009

This was held at Todpool, near Chacewater.

Written by: Mark Roberts

Mark, Steve and Carl arrived at around 3.30pm on a glorious Saturday. We were directed to our area, where we met Anthony, his family, John and Alex. Being a local show, we spent the rest of the day having a natter with the organisers and some familiar faces.

As the evening approached, Mark,Steve and Carl setup camp while the rest of the club preferred the comfort of their beds! A bar and live music went on until the early hours, although the burger van shut early. (No cheesy chips AGAIN!)

Despite this, a good night was had by all, with Mark & Carl eventually chauffeuring Steve back to the tent.

Sunday morning dawned with the return of Anthony & John, shortly followed by Winston. A total of six Capris on the club stand looked really good with Anthony's freshly painted 2.0(ish) and a rare appearance of Winston's concourse 2.8.

Andy, Lee and family arrived and parked with one of their Cortina friends. The two Cortinas, one modified and one original, did draw the crowds with the difference of their stance.

This was a very interesting show with steamers, tractors, motorcycles, cars and various traders and stalls.

Thanks to Anthony for representing the club in the car parade.

To sum up, a well worth visit next year and one of the driest shows of the year!

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