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Blue Ridge Runners - September 5th - 7th 2008

Another "Mildly Moist" show.

Written by: Steve Hunt

At the beginning of September we made our way up the M5 up to Bridgewater for the Blue Ridge Runners Annual show at the B.I.B.I.C. site. We had plenty of rain on the way up and over the weekend. Yes, another Powderham! We set up the new tent in our usual spot and it pissed it down - bringing a river straight through the tent, great! This was a wonderful start to the weekend, but, when we thought it couldn't get much worse - it did! There were a few tents/caravans there already but not as many as usual. I wonder why!

After setting up and deciding not to put the bedding compartment up, we thought it best to sleep in Tony's Transit. We did get to have a look around while there was still some grass left in the field, not all yet turned to mud, but it will, believe me. There was not a great deal to look at anyway. After that we made our way up to the pub and booked a meal for Saturday night, we did not even stop for a drink and that's a first! We headed back to the campsite and sparked up the barbecue. After we made our way up to the beer tent where there were plenty of seats & tables. We grabbed a table & there we stayed for most of the evening, listening to the disco. That finished early due to someone falling into the disco equipment, whoops... not any of us, luckily. The rain had cleared up by that time, but it would be back.

Saturday was just as bad, except when we got up, we had a cooked breakfast which we managed to rustle up. The mud got worse. We did get stopped for driving too fast across the field (quagmire), we tried to explain that we were only trying to keep the car going without getting stuck but the marshal was none too pleased. The cars were covered in mud...

Well!... You can imagine, this just got worse. Anyway, later in the day we went up the pub and after went back to the tent to pick up some supplies, and made our way over to the beer tent for a couple of drinks... as you do, we then learned that the show had been cancelled for the Sunday.

So we decided to pack up first thing in the morning & sod off home where I cooked breakfast.

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