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Duchy Capri Club and Cornwall RS Owners Christmas Bash Saturday 13th December 2008

At Cliffdene Hotel, Newquay, Saturday 13th December

Written by: Tristan Barratt

The Duchy Capri Club would like to thank the Cornwall RS Owners for a fantastic joint Christmas Bash in Newquay again!

Although fewer people attended, a large section of the Wiltshire RS Owners came along. A highly entertaining quiz of "guess the baby picture" had everyone entertained for the entire evening, with Jan doing her best Hercules Poirot impersonation by interrogating just about everyone - including the Hotel staff - just in case!

Mark also won "cutest baby" award from the Duchy Capri Club!

A few hardy souls managed to stay up all night and were at the breakfast table, knife and fork in hand ready for their usual full English...

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