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Wadebridge Wheels - Sunday 19th July 2008

Held at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark & Lewis, Will, Martin, Steve, Trevor & Tyler, Tris & Sam (with Jack Russell Tilly in tow), Roy, Carl & Sally met initially at Chiverton Cross services at 1000hrs.

We met Paul & Marlene in the showground itself and set up the stand.

It was sunny but breezy and we wondered whether the gazebo would take it but it stood brave and firm, sheltering us all in our hour of need.

We were in a different spot this year after a little confusion with letting us in, which saw us ending up quite near the main entrance.

There was the usual wide array of vehicles on display, with everything from static steam, diesel and petrol engines, through to traction engines, vintage cars, motorcycles right through to Smart cars and even an Audi R8!

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