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Bodmin RS Show - Sunday 22nd June 2008

Held at the Football Club at Bodmin.

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Tris, Tony and Roy met at Chiverton Services for 9.00am. We set off and met Sabrina and George in the layby near Summercourt in Sabrina's minty fresh Mk 1 Fiesta that she'd picked up the day before. Paul, Marlene, Lee, Andy and Gary T arrived and parked up alongside the rest of us.

We carried on to the football ground to be told there had been a bit of a problem with the showground. There had been a gig in the car park the previous night and the huge marquee was still up, meaning the car park was effectively unusable!

However, with cars arriving rapidly, the organisers took the brave decision to park up on the grass area outside the car park instead!

Everyone agreed that this was actually a much nicer location for the show and with the weather being very pleasant, it made for a very nice day.

Duchy Capri Club once again won the best club stand of the day and Andy won the best in class with his gorgeous Mk 1 Cortina.

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