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Duchy Capri Club 10th Anniversary Weekend at Hendra Holiday Park, Newquay 2009

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2009

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Duchy Capri Club has always been able to rely on the weather.


Having said that, despite the forecast in the week preceding the weekend being that of gales, wind, tornados, hurricanes, hail, rain, typhoons, twisters, frogs and anything else that can be thrown out of the sky, we actually had some good sunny spells and dry weather for the most part.

Steve, Mark, Carl, Tony, Gary, Tris, Sam, Martin, Sabrina and George arrived on the Friday night and set up their camping accoutrements and proceeded to hit the nightclub, wherein Gary nearly got us thrown out for shouting "House" in an inappropriate manner during the bingo and Carl got Tris a tad lightheaded. Tris then dazzled everyone as he threw some of his more dangerous shapes in the club, impressing the members who hadn't seen him strut his stuff in such a funky way before.

Steve and Martin then rolled up with beefburgers the size of a small child's head and proceeded to demolish them manfully. After many shandies were imbibed, a small stagger back to the campsite was needed before everyone hit their sleeping bags.

Saturday dawned bright and breezy and other club members arrived in time for the late morning car run, from Hendra out to Summercourt, back around to Newquay and the Kings Head for lunch before heading up the coast towards Mawgan Porth. Here we all stopped and Tris performed another contortionist act while getting some photos.

We then carried on up the coast to Bedruthan Steps, where the members parked for a while, taking in the beautiful stretch of National Trust protected coastline.

Back to the campsite in the evening, Gary the club's "Catering Core" broke in our brand new barbecue in great style, with some absolutely delicious burgers and sausages supplied by Paul and Marlene (thank you very much!) Jan had organised a quiz for the members and a fantastic evening was had by everyone.

As the evening wound down, several members, on hearing of the impending night's poor weather packed up and trekked their way home, leaving a hardy Tony, Mark, Gary and Steve to brave another night's camping.

An excellent weekend, not hampered by the weather and a great trial run for our future shows, as we have now confirmed that we will be holding our future Classic Ford shows at Hendra!

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