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Duchy Capri Club Season Premiere Car Run - Sunday 27th April 2008

Our first car run of the 2008 season!

Written By: Tristan Barratt

Organised by Tony and Steve, we met at Portreath Car Park for 1030hrs. It had been raining overnight so everyone was quite nervous about the weather but fortunately all our fears were unfounded as we had bright sunshine for the whole tour!

Once assembled, we set off down the North Cliffs road through Hayle and Carbis Bay and down to St Ives, where even numerous sets of traffic lights couldn't break up the entourage!

We paused briefly in the car park above St Ives and continued back on towards Penzance.

By the time we had emerged at the dual carriageway near Penzance, the convoy was split, so we tried to catch up but Tris ruined everything by blatting past everybody who had by that time managed to get back in line. (He was apparently intending to go round the roundabout and rejoin the group) but by being in the wrong lane, confused everybody, who then went into the wrong lane and ended up eventually in the B&Q car park!

A bit of confusion ensued but we managed to get back together for a cruise along the promenade at Penzance and then headed for our final destination, the main car park at Marazion, where we parked up for a lovely roast in the Station House pub.

A huge thanks from everybody to Tony and Steve for a great start to the season!

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