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Ford Capri Club 40th Anniversary Celebration at Castle Combe Race Track, Wiltshire

Saturday 6th June 2009

Written by: Mark Roberts

An early start for this one. We left Chivvy Roundabout at 6.00am, Tris & Sam, Trevor & Tyler, Mark, Steve, Carl & Arron.

On route to Exeter services we met George & Sabrina, Paul & Marlene. As we pulled into Exeter Services we spotted Simon & Kath from Torbay Capri Club who was joining us for the day. Our final Capri a gorgeous Mk2 3.0 Ghia with John & Alex had caught us up after leaving later. We left with 8 Capri's and rejoined the M5 and faced heavy rain and some of the worst driving conditions, with poor old Capri wipers on fast speed it was a very hazardous few miles. Once clear of the rain we had a trouble free run to Castle Combe.

On arrival we handed our passes and were sent to a grass area to park up. One problem was apparent though, we seemed to be the only club there. During a walkabout Carl found more Capris and our club area, we were parked in the wrong place! Once re parked we could see plenty of other clubs, best display was the Capri Mk1 Owners Club with 25 cars on their stand, and we had never seen so many Mk1's.

During the morning each club had to pick 2 cars for a 38 car parade around the track with Vince Woodman's race Mk1. It was decided that Mark's 2.8 special and John's Mk2 3.0 Ghia would line up for Duchy and Simon's 280 Brooklands for Torbay. As we set off the pace was quite rapid and it was clear that we were in for 2 quick laps, with speeds up to 85mph down the main straight, Woo Hoo!

Following the 2 laps we lined up on the main straight again and waited for all Capri's who wanted to join in for a further 2 laps. Paul, George, Trevor and Carl made their way along with many Capri's to the track. (The organisers were hoping to break a record for the most Capri's on track) Big thanks to Tris who sacrificed not taking his Capri on track to take some stunning pics.

Unofficial reports indicated 119 Capri's took part, unfortunately a little short of the 200 they had hoped for. Once back at our club area we spent the rest of the day between looking at cars on show and track action.

We left at 4.00 pm and had a trouble free run until the outskirts of Exeter, heavy rain again and in the same area, unbelievable (hope the weather will be kinder to us at Powderham Castle) As well as the bad weather, George heard a knocking from his steering, after a quick look he decided to drive on curiously and made it back ok. Inspection next day revealed a collapsed wheel bearing!! How lucky was that?

A big thank you to everyone who attended.

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