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Lancaster Classic Car Show @ The NEC Birmingham 8th - 10th November 2019

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Saturday An early start for this one, as we left Tricky's at 5.00am on Saturday morning. Members Mark, Steve, Adrian, Jack, Andy, Paul and his mate Neil. This year we hired a mini bus for a proper boy’s weekend! A great idea, although the mini bus was governed at 64 mph. By 6.30am we arrived at Widdon Down to pick up John, then on to our breakfast stop at Taunton Dean Services. Once fed and watered, we were back on the road heading to the NEC. On arrival we had the usual problem trying to find the car parks, with many voices and a satnav giving me different directions, finally we parked up. We did however have one advantage, with a big 17-seater mini bus, it would be easy to find later in the day!

Once inside, Saturday proved to be a very busy day, it was difficult to get any pictures with the amount of Classic Car fans. Our first call was the Autojumble, this year was even bigger with a number of Ford traders. Prices however were very high, so we decided to revisit on Sunday. Our next call was the Ford section, where there were some really cool Fords on display, with 'The Sweeney's' original Mk1 Granada now back on the scene fully restored. Another Ford that caught our attention was a stunning Capri 3.0S in Daytona Yellow, the owner had recently refused an offer for £45,000. We spent the rest of Saturday checking out the 6 halls and whatever classics took your fancy, you would find them here.

At 5.00pm we left and headed to the Premier Inn at Redditch North. After a freshen up, we all met up for some welcomed grub and a few beers.

Sunday After a full English breakfast, we checked out and it was back on the bus again heading to the NEC. The plan for Sunday was to revisit our favourite bits and check out the Silverstone Auction. Once inside, the show was a lot quieter than Saturday and it was easier to get around. Prices were a lot cheaper and being the last day, we picked up some bargains. I managed to pick up a 50th Capri book for half price and John picked up his number plates (3rd time lucky, John!).

At the auction, the word was that Classic Ford prices had flattened slightly but with an RS2000 Mk2 with 900 miles in White selling for £97,875, it looks like prices are still hot! Other Fords that sold – an Escort Mk1 Twin Cam, £49,500 and a Lotus Cortina Mk1, £51,750.

We left at around 3.30pm to beat the big rush and to get back to familiar roads before dark. To sum up, great weekend, great company and a fantastic show. Can’t wait for next year. Mark

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