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Proper Cornish Cruisers Meet @ The Bird in Hand - Saturday 17th July 2021

Members Mark, Paul, Mark C, Andy, Jerry, Jacca, Nick, Glen and Keith made our way to The Bird in Hand in Hayle, with fantastic weather, good food and some cool cars, we were in for a great evening!

We loved Trevor's GT40, it's amazing how low they are and I would love to drive it, but getting back out of it again would cause a bit of a problem!

A very tidy and rare Escort RS1600i arrived driven by a chap called Arthur, who is interested in joining our Club.

The evening was finished off with a cruise around St Ives, again we followed the Proper Cornish Cruisers with their thundering V8's.

St Ives was insanely busy, with people loving and filming the cars as we drove through.

A big thank you to Angela for inviting us.

Written by: Mark Roberts

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