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Cornwall RS Owner's Club Show - Stoke Climsland Football Club

Sunday 21st June 2009

Written by: Tristan Barratt

Mark, Carl, Steve, Carl & Sally, Andy and 2 of the clan, Winston & Malcolm met up at Chivvy at 8.30 on the Sunday morning and arranged to meet with George and Sabrina on the way to Stoke Climsland, the new venue for the Cornwall RSOC Show.

Sadly, Malcolm's cat took ill on the way up which meant he and Winston had to turn back. So, Tris manfully took the lead (with a little help from his mate TomTom) and dragged the club members down some of the narrowest lanes in East Cornwall - then drove straight past the gate for the show. So much for technology!

Once in the showground, we were given the hump - which was a good thing, as we were arranged around a hump near the main parking area - we had a resplendent view of the whole proceedings.

The sky looked fairly heavy at the start of the day but the cloud broke at around lunchtime and it was lovely and hot for the rest of the show! Perfect weather for admiring the wide range of Ford Rallye Sport vehicles that had travelled to the show from as far afield as Wales and Swindon.

The raffle and prize giving was done at 3.30 and the Duchy club left at about 4.00, on a gorgeously sunny drive home.

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