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Mount Edgcumbe Classic & American Car Show - Sunday 4th August 2019

An early start for this one, as we left Chiverton Roundabout Services 8.00am!

We then met John, Paul M & family at Route 38, and went on to a slight but enjoyable detour to get to Mount Edgcumbe with 9 Classic Fords.

Members Rob and Steve J had already arrived.

With loads of Classic Fords on display, it was difficult to know where to start! I managed to get 8 Fords to commit to our Classic Ford Show next year.

There was a huge American section and many other classic cars. With many stalls, a car boot and stunning views across to Plymouth, there was something for everyone.

A great show and a real "must" if you haven't been.

One slight negative – a handful of idiots thought it was clever to over rev their engines while leaving. There is a time and place. We left at 4.30 and made our way back to Route 38 for a welcomed drink and meal.


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